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Botswana, country of the world's finest quality diamonds, now has another world class export: Marula Oil from DLG NATURALS BW.

With the rare combination of potent moisturization and clean, fast absorption, it's no wonder that Google searches for Marula Oil increased 900% in the last 5 years. As international cosmetic companies move aggressively into "green" and "natural" products, botanical oils like marula grow increasingly important to the industry.

Marula oil offers a powerful and rare combination in the natural oils world: The perfect balance of oleic and palmitic acids. Together, they produce rapid absorption, smooth and protected skin, and no greasy residue. The mix of immediately noticeable results and long-lasting effects offers customers exactly what they want.

The oil demonstrates biomimetic functions and a similar fatty acid profile as oil in the skin, is extremely stable and non-irritating, absorbs quickly, reduces redness, and limits trans-epidermal water loss. These factors create a powerful anti-aging effect that may prevent wrinkling and fade scars.

Eight times more stable than olive oil with an induction period of about 32 hours, it has a shelf life of years and is a strong ingredient for conditioners, moisturizers, lotions, and more.

Never heard of Marula oil? Read about this amazing fruit - the source of the oil and many other fine products here The Marula Story.

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